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The 1.2 cubic-foot Kenmore countertop microwave is about 17 inches deep and features a door opening of 16 by 9 inches, fitting comfortably in most standard kitchen alcoves. At 36.5 pounds, it can also rest on sturdy shelves in cramped prep areas. Its turntable diameter approaches 15 inches, large enough to fit a typical pizza pie.

The device is rated at 1200 watts, with ten distinct power levels including a number of auto-defrost settings for specific food types like chicken, beef, and so forth. Seven “one-touch” cook settings for different food types allow users to control for weight, a key consideration that earlier one-touch microwaves often omitted.

This Kenmore microwave boasts another proprietary feature, a sensor cooking mechanism that automatically stops the cooking process regardless of the amount of entered time remaining once the food’s moisture level drops to a preset amount.

Retailing at about $130, the 1.2 cubic-foot Kenmore countertop is ideal for larger households that require more cooking space than the typical introductory microwave can provide. Built into the purchase price is a full one-year warranty. Like all Kenmore appliances, this product is available at most Sears outlets and on the manufacturer’s website.

As I get ready for work in the morning, there are two little faces carefully studying the way that I apply make-up and the tools I use to style my hair. I have seen my older daughter pick up my brushes and applicators, patting her own face and pretending to add colorful make-up. This makes me worry: Am I teaching her to overvalue her appearance? Is she correctly learning that it is what she has inside that counts?

While it is beautifully flattering to be the center of her world, it is also a lot of responsibility. This behavior has been going on for nearly four months. After all this close scrutiny, my daughter has become my worst critic. She pays such close attention to my every move and my every decision that she quickly points out when I deviate from my typical routine.

She recognizes my hypocrisy, and she knows when she is being shortchanged. If I usually give her two pieces of candy as a treat, she will immediately comment when she only gets one. Likewise, if I give her sister an extra turn sitting on my lap for a book reading, she is quick to point out the special treatment and demand recompense.

It is these observations and actions that make me worry as her mother. While I find it admirable that she recognizes and expects fair and equal treatment, she truly struggles with situations that have no justifiable actions. I understand that she is only three years old, and her little sister understands these concepts even less, but I also firmly believe that it is my responsibility to teach her these valuable life lessons. Am I doing a good enough job?

Because of these thoughts, I recently made a decision. While I will continue to include my daughters in my individual, and sometimes vain, daily routines, I will try to inject some life lessons along the way. Where are we taking your old clothes? We are going to take them to this drop-off because some little boys and girls cannot buy a lot of clothes, and since we are finished with them, we can share your clothes with some other kids. Why do I put the newspaper and mail in the recycling box? Newspapers and letters are made from paper, and paper is made from trees. We all like trees, and we do not want to waste them, so one way to help the trees is to recycle our papers when we are finished with them.

I hope that these brief exchanges will help to mold my daughters into young women who treat other people with compassion. If I can manage this, then I will be proud for them to say that they want to be “just like Mommy.”

It is such an easy matter to hand plastic over when buying an item, or slide the card into a machine and get cash instantly. Most people have credit cards these days, but the wise use of credit cards has been pushed aside and the average family owes ten thousand dollars in credit card debt.

So, what happens when the balance gets excessively high and the payments cannot be made on one’s account? This is the beginning of a serious cycle that can spiral into a bottomless pit of problems. Then there may not be any direction to turn but filing bankruptcy.

Bankruptcy attorneys can help one file for a bankruptcy if that is what is needed. First though, credit card debt settlement lawyers can give one a chance as to what can be done to avoid bankruptcy because it ruins credit ten years. There are fees for filing, but lawyers can set up payments, stopping creditors from coming to collect from an individual.

In fact, bankruptcy should always be a last resort because there are better solutions to choose from. Many people think that bankruptcy is one answer to all their debt, but that is not always the case.

Advertising on jerseys is an up and coming topic in the world of sports. Stock car racing has for a long time had brand heavy cars promoting one brand. European sports leagues are known for having sponsorships all over their jerseys promoting multiple companies. In a more moderate example, the teams in Major League Soccer feature one sponsor throughout the jerseys such as Xbox for the Seattle Sounders and the Red Bull logo on the New York Red Bulls. Then we have the clean approach of other major American sports leagues like the National Football League or Major League Baseball. As the National Basketball Association is considering advertising on jerseys, we have to ask: does advertising on jerseys work and can there be too much of it?
A new study recently published in a business journal examined the question of whether jerseys work by examining jersey sales, fans attitude toward the team and how well fans were able to recall the sponsors on the jerseys.

The study found that there is absolutely such a thing as too many advertisements. Having more than two brands featured on any jersey negatively impacted a team in every examined area. Fans perceived their team more negatively, perhaps associating them with the dreaded “sell-out” logo. This negative attitude also saw decreased jersey sales with fans valuing the jerseys less because of all the advertisements. From the perspective of an advertiser, perhaps the most damning finding is that fans had an extremely difficult time with remembering the various advertisers as jerseys got cluttered. A brand gets lost in the fray.
So there is such a thing as too much. But does putting sponsorship on jerseys even work at all? While it’s hard to be conclusive, the evidence is pointing to yes. When comparing ad-free jerseys to those with 1 or 2 sponsors, the study found no negative correlation between them. Jersey sales did not noticeably suffer between the two jersey styles. In addition, fan attitudes did not suffer between the two options. In perhaps the greatest support, fans were far more likely to remember the names of the sponsors on a moderately advertised jersey. Major League Soccer’s use of single sponsor jerseys seems to support this.

With the NBA considering this form of advertising, it seems like a potentially wise decision. The fall-out has not been quantifiably noticed but the upside certainly seems plausible. Revenues may increase on an ad side without losing fan support.

The nickname alone is enough to draw people to this bizarre site. The Turkmenistan village of Durweze is located in the middle of the Karakum Desert. During the 1970s, geologists discovered that the area had large amounts of natural gas. They attempted to tap the resources, which resulted in the land surrounding an enormous rig to collapse. The collapse created a deep cavern with a diameter of almost 230 feet. In an attempt to avoid poisoning from the natural gas now escaping into the atmosphere, the geologists frantically tried to burn it off. However, the area is so rich in natural gas that the fire still burns today, and it creates the appearance of a fiery portal to hell. While the sight is impressive any time of day, visit at night for a truly spectacular point of view.

If you want to travel to Turkmenistan, make sure you are up to speed on the country’s current political situation. Never insult the government or police to their faces or while speaking to locals. To avoid conflict, simply stay away from talking about politics completely. You must hike out to the site to access it, so bring good shoes. It is also possible to camp near the Doorway to Hell for an up-close experience. However, you must arrange this in advance and hire a reputable local guide. As a rule, if you are a first-time visitor to Turkmenistan, it is beneficial to hire a tour guide to accompany you on any other journeys you take throughout the country.

How long are you planning on staying in Spain? Like Europe, Spain is rife with wonderful cities that have beautiful architecture, scrumptious food and unprecedented scenery. Yet, to get a true feel for what this country is all about, you only have to experience a portion of Spain’s wonders. This road trip, as a result, is bound to be the ride of your lifetime. If you are in no rush, you can travel from one end of the country to the other, but if time is of the essence, there are many fun adventures that you can incorporate into your short itinerary.

477Malaga to Ronda

To begin your road trip, book your flight to Malaga and claim the motor home that best suits your style and accommodates your wants and needs. Then, head straight to Ronda. The beautiful town is not only renowned for having the oldest bullring in Spain but also for having a 425-foot gorge, which priests were put in more often than not. Thus, you should avoid confrontations at all costs.

In the comfort of your motor home, sleep well for as long as you can. For the rest of your road trip, you will spend your days on the road, driving through Pueblo’s Blancos, or white villages, the home of sherry. The alternative you have is to stay at a campsite near Seville, which is a place where you can sleep in peace and watch countless stars. Sightseeing in Seville is going to be a unique and pleasant experience. Moreover, you can visit the Alcazar and Cathedral or take a break from your road trip to do something fun and unforgettable, like strolling around Parque Maria Luisa or the Plaza de Espana. Better yet, you can enjoy a tapas lunch in beautiful Barrio Santa Cruz while taking a tour of the city on a horse. Regardless of what you decide to do, your visit to Seville will only be complete once you visit an evening Flamenco show.

Seville to Cordoba to Granada

After you see the show, you can leave Seville without any regrets, going east toward the city of Cordoba. Cordoba is where tiny streets abound, and visitors, such as yourself, can visit the Mezquita, or the Great Mosque, which is built inside the Cathedral. Prepare to be amazed by the Cathedral’s magnificent pillars and intricate decoration.

To get more than just a glimpse of the wonderful Mediterranean scenery, you need to take the olive oil route and head to Granada. Granada, one of Spain’s most beautiful cities, has many attractions. Be sure to visit the Alhambra Palace to explore its beautiful gardens and marvel at the magnificent views that it offers.

Cardiac tamponade, also known as pericardiac tamponade, is a medical emergency that requires immediate intervention. It is characterized by pericardiac effusion, which leads to elevated pressure in the pericardium, compressing the heart and preventing it from filling with blood correctly during the diastolic phase. Without treatment, this will lead to diminished cardiac output: as the pericardium fills with fluids, the heart pumps less and less blood out, causing cardiogenic shock and, in many cases, death.

437For this reason, it is important to be able to recognize the signs and symptoms of cardiac tamponade before it is too late. The most common test for its diagnosis is known as Beck’s Triad, named after the American surgeon Claude Beck, who developed the concept. It consists of examining the patient to find three key anomalies: jugular venous dilation, low pulse pressure, and diminished (or even absent) heart sounds upon examining the heart.

In a healthy person, the cardiovascular system functions in this way: non-oxygenated blood circulates through the veins (the major ones being the superior and inferior vena cava) to the heart. It enters into the right atrium where it is pumped through thee tricuspid valve and arrives at the right ventricle. It then passes through the pulmonary valve to the pulmonary artery, arriving at the lungs to obtain oxygen. It returns to the heart through the pulmonary vein and enters in the left atrium. It passes through the mitral valve (also known as the bicuspid valve) and ends up in the left ventricle. Finally, it is pumped through the aortic valve, circulating at a rapid speed to provide oxygenated blood to the entire body. This cycle repeats, starting again in the right atrium.

In patients with heart disease, such as cardiac insufficiency, there is a problem with the heart’s ability to circulate blood sufficiently, and for that reason, the entire cardiovascular system slows down. This detriment causes the jugular veins to dilate, since the blood is not able to pass into the right atrium due to the resistance caused by the heart’s weakness.

In the case of cardiac tamponade, the fluids inside the pericardium compress the heart and this generates the same problem with bloodflow through the body, and it is for this reason that jugular venous distention can be considered a sign of cardiac tamponade.

Pulse pressure is calculated by subtracting the diastolic pressure from the systolic pressure. For example, if a person has a blood pressure of 120/80 mmHg, his or her pulse pressure would be forty (which is a normal and healthy blood pressure). The descent of this number means that the systolic and diastolic pressures are approaching each other, meaning that cardiac output (the amount of blood that the heart pumps in one beat) has diminished. Low pulse pressure, then, can also be a good indicator of cardiac tamponade.

Mention scorpions and people tend to picture an evil creature hiding in the dessert ready to kill with its deadly sting. The fact is while some scorpions are not exactly something you would want to run into, there is one kind that is a very popular exotic pet. The Emperor Scorpion is just the thing needed if you are looking for an unusual interesting pet.

419There are over one thousand scorpion species. Out of these only a few are suitable to have as pets. The pet types are; Flat Rock Scorpions, Giant Hairy Scorpions, Gold Scorpions, Bark Scorpions Emperor Scorpions, African Burrowing Scorpions and Asian Forest Scorpions Of these a beginner scorpion pet owner should avoid the African Burrowing Scorpion because it is very aggressive. Bark Scorpions are considered very venomous so only an experienced scorpion owner should have them as pets. The Emperor Scorpion is the favorite kind for pet scorpions. Flat Rock Scorpions are slow, docile and will hardly ever sting. Novices do well with them as long as they remember this kind of scorpion can be hurt easily when handled. The Giant Harry one is also docile but they will sting when provoked. The venom is mild and not life threatening but it is painful to be stung. Gold Scorpions sting and are known to pinch as well when confronted. They are very aggressive and not for the causal scorpion pet owner. The majority of scorpion owners have an Emperor Scorpion and they are found most frequently in pet stores. They are one of the largest and do well living in a tank with several other Black Scorpions, although they can have cannibal tendencies. They are not aggressive and rarely sting. The Asian Forest Scorpions look very much like the Emperor kind. Some have been mistakenly sold as Emperors in pet stores. They are different aside from appearance because they are more aggressive then the Emperor scorpion and can sting. They do not do well in groups

Scorpions look a little like a crab or lobster. They have two body parts. The top half is composed of the head and stomach. The bottom half includes 4 pairs of legs and a tail. On the head there are two to five eyes in general and a pair of claws used to catch food and attract mates. Their segmented tail is curved upward and includes a stinger at the end for protection and to stun or kill prey. The bulb at the end holds the venom. The legs have organs on them that feel vibrations when prey is moving close by. Most scorpions are around three inches but a few species such as The African Burrowing Scorpion grows to seven or eight inches.

Since a scorpion is not the usual pet there some things you will need to consider. First you will need a tank for your scorpion. The size will depend on how many pet scorpions you have. You will need bedding for the scorpion. Is your scorpion a desert type? Then sand will be a good bedding material. The tropical type of scorpions will need Eco earth which is a brick that is made into bedding that very closely resembles the natural habitat. A under tank heated pad should be placed under half of the tank. Also add something for your scorpion to hide under as well as a shallow dish for water.

Scorpions eat live crickets and other insects that have a lot of “guts” so if you want a pet scorpion it’s best not to be squeamish about that kind of thing. By guts, it means that the insects must be well fed first so the scorpion gets the most nutrients from the food. Babies and juvenile scorpions eat around the clock while growing. By adulthood eating slows down and males can sometimes fast voluntarily for weeks. Female scorpions will sometimes eat their babies. Pet Scorpions generally live 3-7 years

Some mistakenly assume a pet scorpion cannot sting. They can and will, especially when provoked or cornered. It is OK to hold your scorpion once they feel safe with you but over handling can cause stings. Most pet scorpions have mild stings. There would be pain and swelling but nothing more serious then that if stung. Another misconception is that a scorpion with two tails is some kind of rare, very exotic breed. This is not true. A scorpion with two tails only means it has a birth defect. Some believe that scorpions will glow at night. While they are nocturnal, they do not naturally glow. However it is true that if a scorpion is under and ultraviolet light that it will glow green or yellow. The reason is not known but this phenomenon continues after death as well.

When I headed into the court house, I expected things to be similar to the way they are presented in movies and television, foolish as that is. I was surprised to see how mundane and ordinary the place was; it made me think more of a high school or community theater than a court room. The subdued colors and ordinary building materials (carpet and drywall as opposed to marble and granite, like in the district court) made the place actually seem rather inviting, despite what went on there.

389The actual process was also surprisingly streamlined and efficient. One of the 3Ls in attendance for Criminal Procedure class told me that Justice Boyle, being an ex-marine, prided himself in being both fair and efficient, and as such he used “naked pleas” in order to speed things up. The arraignments certainly did proceed quickly after 9:15, with defendants stepping up one after another at a rate that would put some fast-food establishments to shame. The only hiccup in the process was that so many of them wished to speak to a prosecutor, and only one was available, forcing several delays while consultations that were carried out.
I had expected the defendants to be the sort of people one expects to be defendants: poorly dressed persons with tattoos, piercings or haircuts that announced they were the sort who tended to make rash decisions. However the vast majority of them were perfectly normal, and had I not known better, I would think that the crowd had assembled to watch a movie or to wait for a plane. The defendants, and their accompanying parties, were very well behaved for the most part as well. Nobody yelled or screamed or confronted the judge, and they were all very civil in their behavior.

388The vast majority of the defendants pled guilty or “Nolo contendere and the judge quickly explained their punishment and dished it out. Judge Boyle was amazingly fair and even-handed in his punishments as well. He issued the minimum fines in every case I saw, and did not up damages even when a few of the defendants presented a defense attacking the court or the witnessing officer. Most of the defendants accepted their fines and punishments without protest, and were visibly guilty about the mistakes they had made. One case that stood out to me most was a man who was pulled over for a DUI, and the arresting officer discovered that he had marijuana join in the car with him. The judge suspended the defendant’s license for 18 months for drunk driving, imposed the standard fines, and brushed off the marijuana like it was no big deal, precisely because it was. Considering the scare tactics and enormous sentences I’ve heard about judges giving persons dumb enough to smoke pot, I was pleased to see him so reasonable.
The last few cases, the only ones in which the defendants fought the charges, were surprising in that the defendants put up a huge amount of effort to avoid paying rather minor fines for traffic offenses they openly admitted that they had committed. In each incident, the defendant claimed that they were “a safe driver” and “tried to drive perfectly” and alternated between attacking the officer when he was on the witness stand and trying to claim that their otherwise clean driving record entitled them to be free of the fines. It was amazing to me that these people would fight and bicker and argue that they didn’t need to pay a fine of $73-$103 when, not an hour prior, other drivers had patiently accepted much harsher punishments without a word of protest. And yet Boyle was even-handed with them, giving them the exact same punishment as those who had committed the same crime and not contested it at all.

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First, using the Lida diet pills has proved to be one of the ways that you can use to lose weight faster. Within 30 days, you will be in a position to lose up to about 25 lbs. In addition, this will enable you redefine your health and life within less than 30 days. This has made it one of the best weight loss pills that exist in the market.

289The pills have no side effects when compared to other weight loss pills available in most of the shopping outlets. Moreover, you do need to worry about side effects since you will always lose weight faster and in a healthy way.

Lida diet pills works in three unique ways to enable you lose your weight effectively. It acts a fat burner. This means that you will always be in a position to burn the excess fats that are often found in the stubborn areas of your body. By burning fats, you will always lose your weight effectively. Secondly, it also helps increase the metabolism of the body. With an enhanced body metabolism, you will burn the excess calories that may lead to excessive weight. Finally, it will suppress your appetite. How is this important? This will prevent you from induced eating that is often associated with excess weight gain. In the end, you will lose weight in a healthy way without having to use other dangerous weight loss products in the market.

With the diet pill, you do not need to train excessively as opposed to the recommendations of many other products in the market. In conclusion, this information should help you understand the benefits of using the lida diet pills when losing weight.