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When I headed into the court house, I expected things to be similar to the way they are presented in movies and television, foolish as that is. I was surprised to see how mundane and ordinary the place was; it made me think more of a high school or community theater than a court room. The subdued colors and ordinary building materials (carpet and drywall as opposed to marble and granite, like in the district court) made the place actually seem rather inviting, despite what went on there.

389The actual process was also surprisingly streamlined and efficient. One of the 3Ls in attendance for Criminal Procedure class told me that Justice Boyle, being an ex-marine, prided himself in being both fair and efficient, and as such he used “naked pleas” in order to speed things up. The arraignments certainly did proceed quickly after 9:15, with defendants stepping up one after another at a rate that would put some fast-food establishments to shame. The only hiccup in the process was that so many of them wished to speak to a prosecutor, and only one was available, forcing several delays while consultations that were carried out.
I had expected the defendants to be the sort of people one expects to be defendants: poorly dressed persons with tattoos, piercings or haircuts that announced they were the sort who tended to make rash decisions. However the vast majority of them were perfectly normal, and had I not known better, I would think that the crowd had assembled to watch a movie or to wait for a plane. The defendants, and their accompanying parties, were very well behaved for the most part as well. Nobody yelled or screamed or confronted the judge, and they were all very civil in their behavior.

388The vast majority of the defendants pled guilty or “Nolo contendere and the judge quickly explained their punishment and dished it out. Judge Boyle was amazingly fair and even-handed in his punishments as well. He issued the minimum fines in every case I saw, and did not up damages even when a few of the defendants presented a defense attacking the court or the witnessing officer. Most of the defendants accepted their fines and punishments without protest, and were visibly guilty about the mistakes they had made. One case that stood out to me most was a man who was pulled over for a DUI, and the arresting officer discovered that he had marijuana join in the car with him. The judge suspended the defendant’s license for 18 months for drunk driving, imposed the standard fines, and brushed off the marijuana like it was no big deal, precisely because it was. Considering the scare tactics and enormous sentences I’ve heard about judges giving persons dumb enough to smoke pot, I was pleased to see him so reasonable.
The last few cases, the only ones in which the defendants fought the charges, were surprising in that the defendants put up a huge amount of effort to avoid paying rather minor fines for traffic offenses they openly admitted that they had committed. In each incident, the defendant claimed that they were “a safe driver” and “tried to drive perfectly” and alternated between attacking the officer when he was on the witness stand and trying to claim that their otherwise clean driving record entitled them to be free of the fines. It was amazing to me that these people would fight and bicker and argue that they didn’t need to pay a fine of $73-$103 when, not an hour prior, other drivers had patiently accepted much harsher punishments without a word of protest. And yet Boyle was even-handed with them, giving them the exact same punishment as those who had committed the same crime and not contested it at all.

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Tea is one of the most common things found in any house as it is a common beverage. However, recent researches have established that there are several health and beauty remedies of using tea. It is no longer useful as a drink but for a beauty routine as well. The following are some of the benefits associated with tea.

Green Tea as an Anti-oxidant
Clinical research has established that green tea contains a high amount of anti-oxidants. They are essential in our bodies as they are capable of fighting the free radicals in our bodies. These are the harmful substances in the body which contribute to diseases and aging. The benefits are experienced when the green tea is taken both as a drink or when applied to the skin.

Green tea is able to strengthen the hair rinse once applied to the hair after shampooing. It protects the hair from pollution and the harsh products that affect its shiny look. The tea is able to reduce the puffiness and the dark circles that form under the eyes. One requires placing two green tea bags that have been used and then cooled on top of the eyes for maybe 10 minutes. Dried and grounded green tea leaves could be used for an exfoliating body scrub to clear the dead cells and other pollutants from your skin. This leaves your skin smooth and soft.

Stinky feet
If you suffer from stinky feet, you ought to have your tootsies soaked in black tea. Black tea contains tannic acid which by acting as an astringent gets rid of the bad odor from your feet.

Treat Acne
Green tea could be able to treat acne due to its anti-oxidant properties. You should pick and soak a tea bag in warm water. After that you ought to cut open the bag and empty the contents inside a cream cleanser. You should then rub it on your face and let it stay there for 5 minutes. You should then wash it off and your acne would begin disappearing after sometime.

Steam Facial
You can use tea to make yourself a steam facial. You should open some green tea bags or chamomile tea and pour it into a container with boiling water. Using a towel cover your head and take the face close to the boiling water but not very close and hold it there for 5 minutes. This would be effective in steaming your face.

All the above are some of the health and beauty remedies using tea. Tea is a healthy drink and hence ought to be taken regularly to boost the health of the body due to its ability to fight the free radicals. As for the beauty routines, they ought to be used for sometime in order to achieve the best results.

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2 day diet japan lingzhi6

Burning of Fat

This diet is very effective as far as fat burning is concerned It contains a very powerful ingredient that goes by the name Lingzhi that works very well to burn off all the excess fat in your body. It can reduce the amount of fat that goes into your body as you take various types of food. Regular consumption of the product will help you get much slimmer thighs, stomach, arms and buttocks within a very short time. The diet tends to decrease the amount of calories in the body and prevents the carbohydrates and sugars from getting converted into fat.

Getting rid of Fat in the body

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All the effectiveness of the 2 Day Diet Japan Lingzhi  is attributed to the herbal ingredients and properties that it has. Frequent use of this product will guarantee that you will lose weight within a very short time. To get even better results, blend this diet with a daily exercise regimen.