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Have you wondered if there’s a secret METHOD to get Free Riot Points? Our programmer team have developed a bot that sends Free Riot Points to your Player Profile within a few seconds.This process is 100% safe and working.

This Riot Points Code Generator tool is free and updated regularly to make sure it always bypass their security updates. You don’t have to provide login details to get the free riot points code which makes this tool is safe for you since you won’t need to worry about losing your account.

All you need to do is just download this league of legends hack from the URL above, run the tool and redeem the free riot points code generated by this riot points adder application. As simple as that. No login and no installation needed to get your free riot points code.

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How to get free riot points:

1.Download the Riot Points and unzip the file.
2.Run The Bot.
3.Enter your account and how much points you want to get.
4.Hit the “Generate Points” button ,The credits will be automatically added in your account.


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